Bella my mom is Cathy Fowler.

Shadow's yorkies new families and past puppies

​Rascal my mom is Christina Kelley

Alex all grown up

Reece my mom is Christina Kelley.

Megan Brown with Holly, Hershey little girl

Button's my mom is Jessica Davila Brown

Gabby Gonzalez & Alex as a puppy

​Tobi waiting on Santa

Mallory Glantz & Tobi as a puppy

​Tasha my mom is Brittany Dalby.

​​​​​​        Shadow's Retreat

​Xena my mom is Kristie Zimmerman

Kai all grown up

Buttons came over to spend the day

Paige Phoebus lyman & Kai as a puppy

Ms Phoebe my mom is Denita Bryant

Nikki my mom is Cheryl Gheen

Rosie all grown up

Jennifer & Mike Benson & Rosie as a puppy

​Jazmyn my mom is Cheryl Gheen.