​Xena my mom is Kristie Zimmerman

Dallas & Gigi Little Boy 

Now Max

​Congratulations To The Manzi Family

Nikki my mom is Cheryl Gheen

​Rascal my mom is Christina Kelley

Faith And Dallas Little Boys

A.K.A Mutt And Jeff 

Congratulations Arl Zara and family

Beyonce & Dallas Little Boy

New Name Is Maximus

​Congratulations Debra Tyler

Mallory Glantz & Tobi as a puppy

Paige Phoebus lyman & Kai as a puppy

Gigi & Dallas Little Boy

His New Name Is Romeo

Congratulations Susie Ford

Max Came Back To Stay With Us

​For Awhile

Rosie all grown up

​Jazmyn my mom is Cheryl Gheen.

Bella my mom is Cathy Fowler.

Shadow's yorkies new families and past puppies

​Lilly At Her New Home

Megan Brown with Holly, Hershey little girl

Button's my mom is Jessica Davila Brown

​A.K.A Little Tubbs At His New Home

Reece my mom is Christina Kelley.

Gigi & Dallas Little Boy

New Name Is Zeus

Congratulations Kristi Zimmermann

​​​​​​        Shadow's Retreat

Gabby Gonzalez & Alex as a puppy

Congratulations Shasha And Khash Rahiminejad

A.K.A Little Tubbs

Beyonce And Snickers Little Boy

Little D Leaving Dulles Airport To Go To His New Home In Arizona

Congratulations Veatriz Quintana

Jennifer & Mike Benson & Rosie as a puppy

Beyonce & Dallas Little Boy

​His New Name Is Joe Joe

​Saddie At Her New Home

Ms Phoebe my mom is Denita Bryant

Faith & Dallas Little Girl

Congratulations Jamie Viars Watson

​Her New Name Is lilly Headed Home To Ohio

Hershey's Little Boy & Girl 

​Congratulations To The Brown Family

Faith & Dallas Little Boy

His New Name Max

​Congratulations Devanne Chandler


A.K.A Mutt And Jeff

Now Bari And Otto At Their New Home

Zeus At His New Home With 

​His New Sister Xena

​Tasha my mom is Brittany Dalby.

Buttons came over to spend the day

Gigi & Dallas Little Girl

New Name Is Saddie

​Congratulations Gina Lawson

​Tobi waiting on Santa

Kai all grown up

Alex all grown up