Just alittle play time before we go home

You want me to smile HaHa

​ Maximus


​Hard as a "Rock"

Looking for boarding???

Jake - may he rest in peace!.

​I'm just a little shy

Cookie Mosley

​From His  July Stay

​I'm sitting pretty  what's next

​Riley - another frequent flyer!.

​This is my happy face 

Roxy rolling in the snow

Buddy AKA "Budman" Twigg

Maximus just a little fellow.

Bentley Hadded

From His August Stay

​May he rest in peace !

Charlie -Archie's & Monty's big brother

Archie - Monty & Charlie's Brother


Hadley Morrison

​From Her July Stay

​​​​​​        Shadow's Retreat

Bleu - sitting pretty